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Hot-sale graphite products in stock

quartz crucible-white one

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Common Sizes Graphite Products with large Stock 
To many industries, graphite material with simple customized machining sizes has a widely use, for example, graphite blocks, graphite plates, graphite rounds, graphite rods, graphite tubes, graphite crucibles, graphite dishes(boxes) etc. They be directly used, also can be used as raw materials for other complex products.
●Large Stock Quantity: Baofeng Graphite has large stock quantity of such common sizes graphite, like plate, rods, pieces, crucibles, dishes etc, which could be shipped right away.
●Graphite Material. Baofeng Graphite supplies simple graphite machined products in isostatic, molded, extruded and vibrated graphite as raw materials, and choose the best proper grade graphite for machining, Considering production cost and lifespan, and
●Products Machining. Baofeng Graphite is capable of producing accurate graphite products, according to customers’ requirements of dimensions. Due to our 90% machines are NC machines