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More into Qingdao Baofeng Graphite

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Qingdao Baofeng Graphite Co., Ltd (hereinafter as Baofeng Graphite) is founded in 2004, with nearly 20 years history of graphite products, engaged in research, development, production, machining, application and services of carbon and graphite material and graphite parts. We have advanced specialized production equipment, like CNC Lath, CNC Milling, CNC Center, Big Saw, Drilling Machine and so on. Well-run systems for research and development, production, quality guarantee, business operating and services enable Baofeng Graphite to provide the best solutions according to different customers’ demands.
Our customers are in and out of china, like Europe, the Americas and many other countries and regions, business has continued to grow year by year.
Baofeng Graphite has been approved by customers and same industrial factories with good reputation. With development of the company, we will develop with global clients together.




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