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Anti-oxidation treatment Graphite Degassing Rotors and Shaft

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Introduction to anti-oxidation treatment Graphite Degassing Rotors and Shafts
During aluminum and aluminum alloys smelting, hydrogen is produced by chemical action with steam and diffuses in molten aluminum, which will cause inner structural defect in aluminum products. In order to avoid such defect, most aluminum factories apply dissolved gas floating method to purify molten aluminum. i.e. inert gases such as nitrogen, argon is injected into molten aluminum, and hydrogen will be brought to molten aluminum surface with spread and rise of inert gas.
Graphite rotor and shaft set is necessary to inject inert gas and stir for degassing regarding both intermittent and continuous online degassing methods. Thanks to properties of heat-resistance, anti-oxidation, high strength and non-infiltration to aluminum, graphite becomes the optimal choice for material of rotor and shaft, which is also named as graphite degassing rotor/impeller and shaft.
Advantages of Qingdao Baofeng Graphite Degassing Rotors and Shafts
● For raw material. Based on rich experience and deep understanding of aluminum degassing procedure, we choose specialty graphite material specially used for machining aluminum degassing graphite rotor and shaft.
Such graphite material is with advantages of high strength, high hardness, good heat-resistance, low porosity, anti-abrasion and anti-scour.
● Precise machining. Machining process strictly conforms to customers' drawings. After machining, different parts match perfectly with high concentricity, which avoids damage caused by mechanical stress to the graphite rotor and shaft.
● Special Treatment
■ Impregnation Anti-oxidation Treatment. To extend service life of graphite rotor and shaft, anti-oxidant are applied to fill pores of graphite material and cover surface of graphite rotor and shaft, which improves its performances of heat-resistance, anti-oxidation and anti-scour, and further extends its service life.
■ Coating anti-oxidation Treatment. Coating material is applied to already impregnated anti-oxidation graphite rotor and shaft except screw threads. The coating material is non-infiltrated with aluminum, but well adhered to graphite material. Besides, the coating material is with better performance than graphite material on aspects of heat-resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-scouring. As a result, the lifespan of graphite rotor and shaft with surface coating is more extended.
■ Partial strengthening Method. According to end-users' operation conditions, we strengthen the most easily consumed position to get the longest service life with lowest cost.

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