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About Quality

Boafeng graphite strictly operate the rules of ISO9001:2015, all the products will be inspected, raw materials, producing process, finished products inspecting, packing, shipping etc.,
There will be strictly quality inspecting system, each process has special testing technician, only qualified products will be released. 

About Price

All products of Baofeng graphite are produced ourselves, no trading products, competitive price
Baofeng Graphite price will never increase within validity time, except the raw materials has a huge change, the price will not change according to the contract.

About Delivery

Baofeng graphite has a large stock of raw materials, products can be processed at any time, greatly shorten the delivery:
Baofeng Graphite Warehouse has some products in stock, such as rods, plates, crucibles, square slots, etc.
Baofeng graphite has many cooperative logistics, sea, land and air we can achieve priority delivery, rapid transport

About Technical Support

Before sale, Baofeng graphite has professional technician and business  sales to communicate fully with customers, understand customer demands well, from raw materials selection and customer needs and costs, choose the best way for customers;
In product processing, Baofeng graphite constantly maintains communication with customers, in order to avoid errors, for perfect product quality;
After the product sold, Baofeng graphite will continue to track the effect of product use, help customers solve problems, Baofeng graphite will improve services and products at any time, and provide customers with better solutions.




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