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Graphite Products for Anticorrosion Industry

graphite ground anode

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Graphite Products for Anticorrosion Industry
Graphite has good electrical conductivity, good bending and compression resistance, stable chemical properties, and has been widely used in chemical corrosion industry, especially Graphite sacrificial anodes in the electro-corrosion industry.
Such graphite products are usually placed in water、 soil 、or chemical solution as permanent electrodes using.
●Graphite Material. Baofeng graphite take common graphite and fine grain graphite for machining, with low specific resistivity, large allowed current density, high flexural strength and good chemical stability.
●Products Machining. Graphite Products for Anticorrosion Industry are usually rods, plates, tubes etc. Some need to be matched with holes. We can produce any shapes and sizes of graphite Anticorrosion Industry products with satisfactory quality.

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