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Graphite Products for Powder Metallurgy

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Graphite Molds for Sintering and Hot-Pressing in Powder Metallurgy
There are kinds of graphite products in powder metallurgy industry, such as diamond tools, hard alloys drilling head, hard materials, magnetic materials etc. But all powder raw material is loaded in graphite molds to be sintered or hot-pressed. Graphite mold is the necessary tools for powder metallurgy industry.
Meanwhile, Graphite trough plates, graphite boats, graphite pushing plates etc are widely used in powder metallurgy furnaces, to load powder shaped raw material and bear semi-product before sintering.
●Graphite Material. The graphite material for mold should consider both powder metallurgy process requirements, and reduction of manufacturing cost. According to our well understanding of graphite material and knowledge about powder metallurgy process, Baofeng Graphite selects proper graphite material to machine graphite mold for different sintering and hot-pressing procedures and equipment.
●Products Machining. There are various different shapes graphite molds for powder metallurgy application, the dimensions requirements are strict. Baofeng graphite sintering and hot-pressing molds are precisely machined, due to 90% is machined by numerical control device like CNC Center, and we could meet all customers’ production requirements.

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